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Musical Questions
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Purchasing Questions

What is included in a typical "Full Score and Parts?"

  • Lead Sheet, Piano, Conductor's Score, Handbells
  • Flute 1&2, Oboe, Clarinet 1&2, Bassoon
  • F Horn, Trumpet 1, 2, & 3, Trombone 1&2, Tuba
  • Bells/Chimes, Aux Percussion, Timpani
  • Violin 1&2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
  • Alternate Parts: Alto Sax, Tenor Sax/Euphonium T.C. , Bari Sax, Bass Clarinet

Why is there no "rhythm" or "drum set" part?

  • Unless the drum set part is well-written, it isn't worth the paper it is printed on. I have found that most drummers want to know what is going on in the music, and for that, a lead sheet with the significant orchestra hits indicated works better.
  • Rhythm parts often are 2-stave pieces with rests, various riffs, and chords. That translates into twice the number of page turns for rhythm players. As not every musician in church even reads music, I have found it easier to get a non-music-reading musician to accept a lead sheet over a rhythm part.

I heard a mistake in your recording!

  • I use recordings from the orchestra at Colonial Baptist Church, often in a live setting. This gives you a good perspective of what my music will sound like in a church setting where everyone isn't a professional musician under an ideal acoustic environment.

Why are there rests in the handbell parts? Handbell music doesn't contain rests!

  • Many instruments in an orchestra do not play all of the time. There are moments in the music where handbells would not fit well.
  • Key changes can be very challenging to handbell choirs. Giving them a few measures rest can be the difference making it possible to prepare in 1-2 rehearsals.

Where's the handbells used chart?

  • Many of these arrangements are highly chromatic. You will likely use most of your bells.
  • Finale's Bells Used plugin is difficult to work with and not always reliable. It resizes staves, merges measures it shouldn't, and in general, is more trouble than it is worth.

What is a Finale File and why do you have this option?

  • Finale is a music notation program. If you have Finale 2012 or newer, you will be able to modify the arrangements.
  • I also will include the file in XML format to allow you to import into other notation programs.
  • Sometimes it is helpful being able to modify an arrangement to have it better fit. This is for your convenience.
  • When you purchase the Finale File, you will be able to download both the PDF and finale files.

How easy are your files to modify?

  • My layouts in finale fairly standard. Most of the traditional shortcuts you would expect remain in place.
  • I do use unlinked parts when doubling instruments such as bass clarinet (so that they transpose as they should).  Changes in the score may then not properly be reflected in a part.  To unlink, go to the score manager, choose the part and uncheck "unlink this part"


How much can I modify them?

  • You can modify any of the music as you see fit. Don't like the keys? Transpose them (remember to check instrument ranges!)
  • You cannot modify the text for any copyrighted arrangement without express permission from the owner of the song (unless it is public domain).  An example is the Getty Hymn In Christ Alone.  Not everyone was comfortable with the line "the wrath of God was satisfied".  One denomination wanted to change this text in their new hymnal to "The love of God was glorified".  Permission was not granted and ultimately this song was not included in that hymnal.
  • Want another instrument to cover a part? Go ahead and copy/paste.
  • Want to add or take away notes? Go ahead!

How do I purchase your music?

  • My music can be purchased online on this site.


Is my purchase secure?

  • This website does not store or get any your credit card information. Paypal handles the payment on their website, ensuring your information is safe.


How do I get the file?

  • Once you pay on Paypal, you will automatically receive an email with links to download your music.
  • If you choose to register on this site, every purchase is saved under your username. To re-download, go to My-Account and select "My Downloads".


How many copies can I make?

  • You can print as many copies of my music as you or your institution need. This however, does not grant you the right to share that arrangement with other institutions.
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